Sunday, September 14, 2014

Where I'm From Poems 2014

Welcome to the 2014 school year!  This is an exciting year as we will be in a computer lab all year and all of our curriculum and assignments will be digital!  We are also looking forward to working with the MASSA students in Teresina, Brazil!  We composed poems to introduce ourselves to our partner students.  Check out these awesome poems that show our personality and culture.

Where I'm From Poems 2014 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lights, Camera, Action!

Mrs. Landeen and I had the awesome opportunity to attend a SHIFT workshop a few weeks ago in Moab, Utah.  At this workshop, we learned the ins and outs of iPad filming. We learned different camera angles, camera movements and editing techniques. When we returned to school the following week, we taught those same skills to our students.  Since we were ending the year with narrative writing, we had the students turn their short stories into film.  Film making allows students to explore different audiences and techniques such as music and facial expressions to show mood and tension.  Groups of students were given the prompt "a student comes upon a box..." as their prompt. They were also told their story could contain no narration.  Students storyboarded their ideas and then spent several days in production where they shot each scene from at least three camera angles.  They then spent several more days in post production editing and adding special effects to their videos.  All the videos are posted on our classroom youtube channel (littlemizenglish).  Here are some of the top ones. Check out their camera angles, movements, and special effects!

Box Transporter (4th period)
Cupcake Wars (7th period)
Mime in a box (7th period)
Mrs. Martell (4th period)
The Dream Box (3rd period)
Hospital Romance (7th period)
The Impossible Box (2nd period)
Mario Movie (2nd Period) 
Western Box  (7th Period)
That's not your box (5th Period)

Check out Miss Ewell and Mrs. Landeen's box video:
The perfect lid